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We stand for a lived corporate culture, supported by mutual respect and trust.

The companies in the Berndorf Group are founded on the principles of transparency, honesty and mutual respect. Open communication between management and other staff, and a solutions-orientated approach to error management facilitate dialogue and motivate our people to take responsibility and initiative.

The Group’s ownership structure – with every employee owning a stake in the company – reflects the trust in people that defines the Berndorf spirit. Teamwork between all levels has allowed the Group to pursue growth and develop into an innovative, profitable and financially strong enterprise.

Being profit-oriented also means being able to keep businesses sustainable and ready to meet the challenges ahead. This allows the Berndorf Group to live up to the responsibility it has to its people and to society, in keeping with its traditions over 170 years of industrial operations.

Der Bär der Berndorf AG
Appreciation, respect and trust
  • Towards all stakeholders

  • diversity

  • culture of sharing

  • Profit & substance participation

  • Control is good, Trust is better

Der Bär der Berndorf AG
Openness & Honesty
  • Integrity in Business Practices

  • Address problems openly and directly

  • open doors

Der Bär der Berndorf AG
  • allow personal responsibility

  • objective agreement

  • Strengthen, motivate

  • Active listening

  • transparency

Der Bär der Berndorf AG
  • Starts with yourself

  • Eternal learning

  • flexibility

Der Bär der Berndorf AG
Der Bär der Berndorf AG
courage & initiative
  • Think and act entrepreneurially

  • accept the challenge

  • lateral thinking

Der Bär der Berndorf AG
  • reliability

  • handshake quality

  • accept responsibility

Der Bär der Berndorf AG
Humility & Modesty
  • stay grounded

  • Moderate action

Der Bär der Berndorf AG
Error culture - learn from mistakes
  • Look for solutions, not culprits

  • Where there is work, chips fall

Der Bär der Berndorf AG
Offers the opportunity to participate in the company
Der Bär der Berndorf AG
Employee Participation Rights
Der Bär der Berndorf AG
Promotion of entrepreneurship
Der Bär der Berndorf AG
Participation in the company's success
Der Bär der Berndorf AG
as partners
Der Bär der Berndorf AG
Participate in the success with commitment
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