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Good to know

Berndorf Company fire department

The Berndorf company fire department is an integrated part of the business location. ​ The sole presence of the fire brigade on the company premises has the significant advantage that no company-owned extinguishing systems have to be installed (unless explicitly requested by the authorities).

Whistleblower Channel

The new whistleblower channel allows you to inform your company if you witness an incident that violates company policy or the law.

Swinging Leaders

The Swinging Leaders are jazz-loving entrepreneurs and executives reinforced by professional musicians Peter Natterer (“nag”), Richard Barnert, Ulrich Pesendorfer and Helmut Strobl. The band is committed to charity and plays under the motto “NO FEE BUT NOT FOR FREE.” Since their founding, the Swinging Leaders have regularly performed at charity events.


The Topotheque is a platform on which the population can participate
The locally historically relevant material and knowledge that is in private hands is secured, indexed and made visible online.

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