Berndorf AG CEO Dr. Peter Pichler passed away unexpectedly

BERNDORF (November 8, 2020) - With great sadness, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board of Berndorf AG announce that the company's long-standing CEO, Peter Pichler suddenly and unexpectedly passed away today.


Born in Graz, 62 year old Peter Pichler handed over his assignments as CEO of Berndorf AG to his successor Franz Viehböck, only as recently as the summer of this year.


He joined Berndorf AG as a young economist from the banking sector and was able to significantly shape the successful development of the formerly state owned “Berndorfer Metallwarenfabrik” to the now privately held Berndorf AG over the past three decades. At the side of Berndorf AG’s majority shareholder Norbert Zimmermann, Peter Pichler quickly developed a great passion for the industries the Berndorf group is active in.


30 years on the Board of Berndorf AG
From 1990 to 2020 Peter Pichler was a member of the Board of Directors of Berndorf AG and led the company as Chairman of the Board from 2008 until summer 2020 - in close cooperation with the current board members Franz Viehböck and Dietmar Müller. In addition he held many other responsibilities within the group until this day. Peter Pichler among other things, was a vital Board Member of the Berndorf Private Foundation and a longstanding Vice President of the Federation of Lower Austrian Industries.


For Berndorf AG Board Members Franz Viehböck and Dietmar Müller, the death of Peter Pichler is a great loss: “We were in close contact with Peter as the news of his sudden and tragic death reached us unexpectedly. We find it difficult to believe what happened. But we know that we owe a lot to Peter. He showed passionate commitment to the company and upheld active as well as close ties to all the people who work in and for the Berndorf Group. We send our deepest condolences to the family of Peter Pichler”.