Major award: Europe’s best private swimming pool comes from Berndorf

BERNDORF/MOSCOW (24 Apr. 2019) – The Berndorf Bäderbau team has landed the 2019 Aqua Prestige Award in the Best Private Swimming Pool category, finishing well ahead of the competition in the public vote. This prestigious award for swimming pools with a strong design focus and outstanding functionality is presented annually at the Aqua Salon trade fair in Moscow. The winning project came from the tourism sector – a high-quality Berndorf Bäderbau infinity pool that gives guests at the Willy Bogner Chalet in Priesteregg a unique bathing experience, complete with breathtaking views of Salzburg’s mountain landscape.

Unique bathing experience for endless relaxation
The Willy Bogner Chalet ( near Leogang in the Pinzgau region is the only chalet in the world to be designed in collaboration with renowned fashion and lifestyle brand Bogner. The finished product is an attractive place for tourists to stay, with something for design and nature lovers alike. The highlight of the luxury accommodation is a 56-square-metre infinity pool installed by Berndorf Bäderbau. At 14 metres long, it has more than enough space for swimming, with water heated to 34°C during the winter months. Located on a hillside 1,100 metres above sea level, the pool gives guests the feeling of floating gently above the valley.

Clear, stylish design featuring mood colours
By designing a pool with negative overflow edges, the Berndorf Bäderbau team succeeded in enhancing the infinity effect, giving bathers the impression of a never-ending body of water. Berndorf Bäderbau’s patented dimpled pool floor not only prevents bathers from slipping, it also gives the water a striking colour. The dimples break up the colours that make up the light spectrum, so that the blue rays take on a stunning light turquoise tone. This innovation from Berndorf Bäderbau creates the perfect backdrop for the underwater spotlights to bathe the pool in vivid light during the ‘blue hour’, creating a fascinating evening and night-time mood.

At the Aqua Prestige Awards, where Berndorf Bäderbau took first place in the Best Private Swimming Pool category, the company’s success in satisfying the client’s desire for clear, modern lines coupled with a pared-down design was singled out for special praise. Stainless steel was the perfect complement to the high-end materials used throughout the location, and an ideal match for the philosophy behind the Willy Bogner Chalet.