Our group-wide HR development programmes help us to embed our corporate culture and values in the Group over the long term, foster the growth of personal networks that extend beyond national and cultural borders, exchange experiences, learn from one another and refine the Berndorf leadership style that characterises our Group.



Berndorf Academy

Berndorf Academy is the Group’s tailor-made programme for high potentials. Participants are given the chance to hone and enhance their personal skills and abilities, and learn how to apply Berndorf’s corporate values in practice. At Berndorf, developing talented new recruits into top-level managers isn’t just a theoretical objective; it’s a tried and tested strategy.


Our talents@berndorf programme offers young business and technology graduates the opportunity to combine work with further study. Participants get the chance to become familiar with a range of companies, functions and processes.



Our well trained and educated staff make it possible for us to maintain our competitive advantages in innovation and quality, which translate into commercial success. Group company Berndorf Sondermaschinenbau is responsible for providing apprenticeship training at the Berndorf site and offers programmes in electrical and mechanical engineering, and machine tool engineering.
Other Berndorf Group companies also run apprenticeship programmes. Further details are available from the individual companies.

Exchange programme for apprentices

Each year around 100 young people complete apprenticeships at the Berndorf Group in Europe. Berndorf’s international exchange programme for apprentices aims to reinforce mutual understanding between the participating businesses and strengthen the corporate culture to generate improved opportunities for all employees.