The brand Berndorf – A historical overview

    3.100 employees
 - AFC-Holcroft LLC/USA, stoba Precizni Technika s.r.o. / CZ
- American Spring Wire Corp. / USA (Joint Venture)
- Acquisition of the business segment of textured steel belts and press plates from Sandvik for Berndorf Band / AUT and Hueck Group / GER
 2014 Acquisitions of Venturetec Mechatronics
   2.500 employees
 2012 Acquisitions of Bosio
 2011 Participation in stoba Präzisionstechnik
 2008 New Board of Directors at Berndorf AG

 2007 Acquisitions of HASCO, SAFED and Rheinische Press Pad
 2006 Joint venture of Lumpi-Berndorf Draht- und Seilwerk
 2005 Capital increase of Schoeller-Bleckmann and reduction of shares to 31%
 1999 Cooperation between Berndorf Band and Hueck Engraving
 1997 Acquisition of Aichelin, flotation of Schoeller-Bleckmann on EASDAQ in Brussels, Participation in Joh. Pengg
 1995 Acquisition of Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield Equipment (SBO)
 1994 Participation in PC Electric

 1991 Participation in Silica Verfahrenstechnik

           Berndorf AG
 Management buy-out by nine-member management team around Norbert Zimmermann

 1984 Berndorf is outsourced from VMW
 1957 Merger with the Ranshofen aluminium plant to form Vereinigte Metallwerke Ranshofen-Berndorf
 1945 Company under Soviet administration, removal of all machinery
 1938 The Essener Krupp-Group get new owner
 1913 Conversion to a corporation
 1910 4.000 employees
 1900 Global market leader for tableware, approximately 3,000 employees

 1874 First company in Austria using electricity

 1844 Hermann Krupp gets technical manager

 1843 Alfred Krupp and Alexander Schoeller found Berndorfer Metallwerke